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Hide details for Client UI/ViewClient UI/View
Exclamation Point IconPMIA76ZHT6An error message "View Format has been modified by someone" was displayed intermittently when the view is open. This was caused due to a corrupt...
Hide details for ClustersClusters
Exclamation Point IconNXLE7L698SResolved an ICM crash on Solaris.
Hide details for Common Inbox FrameworkCommon Inbox Framework
Exclamation Point IconWTON7U8K7BInbox automatic refresh breaks after opening messages in a conversation thread.
Hide details for ContactsContacts
Exclamation Point IconJZHG7XQ4UYA group with the same name in the local and server address books will now trigger the Ambiguous Dialog Box display.
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
Exclamation Point IconCDFO6XRLJLFixed the following error "Extendible hash index is corrupt and can't be used" that happens periodically during use such that it no longer crashes...
Exclamation Point IconKHAN7QQPGY This fix resolves a crash which can occur under certain circumstances when converting data's on-disk structure (ODS).
Exclamation Point IconMIAS7METFE Addresses an issue where processing corrupt data could cause a server outage.
Exclamation Point IconSKAI7J3HBAThis fix addresses a problem that leads to a memory overwrite in certain cases when accessing a corrupt ACL. The fix is to validate the ACL...
Exclamation Point IconSWAS7QBMZXPanic: Unexpected internal error returned to logger. Two timing issues involving archiving of the txn logs extents and the cleanup/reuse of them...
Hide details for EditorEditor
Exclamation Point IconADC7CYQLNWhen sending a document with multibyte characters to the internet and autosave is enabled, autosave starts saving in the middle of a document's save...
Exclamation Point IconYZHG7H9DDJWith this fix, we search for the keyview.ini in the Shared data directory as well, when using a Multi-User Notes Install.
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
Exclamation Point IconLQTN7XVD8RError "Installer hasn't found the correct backup version of Notes to revert to" was displayed when trying to downgrade from 8.5.1 to 8.5.1...
Exclamation Point IconLXLX7VZBUGFixed a problem where Notes.ini settings in the language pack were not updated correct on revert.
Exclamation Point IconLQTN7Y5ANAAfter downgrading from 8.0.2 FP4 to 8.0.2 FP3, some files were not recovered to FP3 during the uninstall process. This problem has been fixed in...
Exclamation Point IconLXLX7UUBYJPrior to this fix, 8.0.2 FP3 could not be uninstalled to 8.0.2 FP2. The 8.0.2 FP2 release was not a selection to revert to in the Incremental...
Exclamation Point IconLXLX7XHCA4Fixed a problem uninstalling to 8.0.2 FP3 when Domino 8.0.2 FP4 was installed through incremental kit.
Hide details for Instant MessagingInstant Messaging
Exclamation Point IconHDAN7TBPEFPrior to this fix, partial name searches failed due to too many results returned.
Exclamation Point IconHDAN7XXLMHInternet contacts in the Lotus Notes contact list presence not showing in inbox. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2 FP2.
Exclamation Point IconGMAA7SGCWWPrior to this fix, Sametime Awareness would work only when a user had logged into the primary community first. It did not work when logging into any...
Hide details for JavaJava
Exclamation Point IconRJBR7YLJ6TFixes potential API incompatibilities between the fixpack and gold versions of the com.ibm.notes.java.api plugin.
Show details for LCULCU


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